Where Do Bloggers Get Their Pictures?

July 30, 2013 · 3 comments

You’ve probably noticed when browsing through blogs that there seems to be an endless amount of pictures you can add to a post.

Perhaps, you’ve even wondered where these bloggers are getting all of these pictures from…

Well, we’re here to answer that for you!  But first…

Why Use Pictures On My Blog?

This is a common question, and surprisingly, one with some merit.

Why should you invest the time to seek out a picture to place in your post? Especially when so many effective, popular posts don’t have pictures at all.

Let’s get one thing straight, images are not required to have a great blog post.  But, images can effectively help you get more bang out of your post with a very minimal amount of work!

They can do this in 3 ways:

  1. Compliment Your Title – Headlines are an extremely important piece of the blog post puzzle.  In fact, they can make or break the popularity of a post.  And a great image can give that headline the boost it needs!
  2. Set The Article Tone – If you’re trying to convey a certain tone with your article, then an image right at the top can help!  Are you writing a comical type article?  Then display a funny image or meme at the top.  Are you trying to set a warm and fuzzy feeling for your readers, then show an image of puppies or children.
  3. Peak The Readers Curiosity – By using a striking image or better yet, an image that make one ask, “What in the sam hill is that doing there?” will arouse people’s curiosity and get them to click through to see what’s all about.

OK, so now you know the “why” of using images in your post, now let’s go and get those images!

**Note: Read each websites license agreement before using an image. 

Free Photo Websites

Photo courtesy of sxc.hu

Photo courtesy of sxc.hu

Stock.XCHNG (http://sxc.hu)
My personal favorite free image library, with images on just about every topic and an ever-growing library.

MorgueFile (http://morguefile.com)
Another popular choice with an excellent search feature and no registration required.

StockVault (http://stockvault.net)
High quality collection of images, clip arts, textures and more that are free for personal use.

Compfight (http://compfight.com)
Basically, a flickr search engine…

Flickr (http://flickr.com)
Extensive database of free images.  Just search by the “Attribution” license.  You’ll just have to provide a link back to the photographer for credit.

Your own camera
Don’t forget that you, yourself, can be a great source of quality images!

Paid Photo Websites

Sometimes you have a little money to spare for images or you need very unique or high quality photos.  That’s when paid image sites come in handy!

iStockPhoto (http://istockphoto.com)
One of the original stock photography sites on the web.  Massive database of high quality images on just about every topic.

Fotolia (http://fotolia.com)
Over 23 million images to choose from with prices as low as $0.19 per picture!

ShutterStock (http://shutterstock.com)
Another popular image site with a large database – over 25 million photos.

How To Use Images In Your Post

Before you go and grab a bunch of images and throw them all willy-nilly in your post, let’s look at how we can best use these images to increase engagement.

Size & location
Generally, you’re going to add images to your post that are the full width of the content space or roughly half-width and floated either right or left.

Typically, one would add a full-width image when they’re trying to show detail within the image, for example, a graph.  Half-width images floated right or left are a great way to break up content and make lines of text shorter and easier to read.

Number of images
This is completely up to as there are no hard and fast rules on how many images you should add to your post – as long as the images are relevant and add value to the post!

Increase conversions
Did you know that a simple image can increase conversions?  It’s true!  If you have an opt-in form in your post or another form of conversion, then try adding an image of a person (more specifically, an attractive female) looking at or pointing at the form.

So, that’s the why, where and how of images for blog posts!  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Great post, thanks for the information.
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Aras Androck November 29, 2013 at 12:39 pm

I get photos from Stock.XCHNG too. No need to pay.
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James Robinson December 1, 2013 at 8:34 am

I used to be a member of Deposit Photos. Now I just get photos from free stock photos.
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